Video: The DJ at the Party of My Life – Faith in Love

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What does God have to say about all my relationship shenanigans? How do I consult Him and what have I learned? Find out…

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The Cycle of Mediocrity

In Career, Personal Growth on January 9, 2014 at 3:38 pm

How much does it matter to you?

Is disappointment and complacency comfortable to you? Are you content because stagnant is familiar?

There is work for you to do, love. God didn’t send you here for a vacation.

But what do we do? We veg out in front of the TV or social media after a long day. We spend our lunch tuning out and hiding from co-workers. Our Saturdays are vortexs of babies, husbands, Youtube and seemingly unbreakable obligations to everyone but yourself. On Sunday, we go praise Him and call out asking when He is going to move and give us time to chase our dreams. Then we rest from doing everything BUT the work of our heart and wonder why we still feel so drained.

Or, perhaps, there’s a day when you favorite the right tweet, bookmark an article or talk to a friend who lovingly says get the hell up and you are off in pursuit of your dreams. But it doesn’t come easy. It’s taking longer to come together, or, even worse, it fails at first. It costs more than you thought. Someone doesn’t reply to your email and the dream dies again like an unattended fire under the other “stuff”.

This is your cycle of mediocrity.

What honor is there in “almost”? What pride is there in mediocrity? None.

Yet here you sit. “Free time” is an illusion. That time you squander costs you something.
You’ve got to want it more than anything. You’ve got to go after it like failure isn’t an option.

Your purpose is THAT important. God is the air you breathe and His purpose for your life is your heartbeat. This is a soul’s work. (click below to continue reading…) 

The Carpenter

In Faith, Personal Growth on October 31, 2013 at 8:15 am

A special birthday post. I’ve learned a lot this year and this was one of the main lessons….enjoy! 


I came in here to fix a drawer. Now I’m covered in saw dust, surrounded by wood pieces, nails and metal railings unsure of how I got here. I’m like man, again?!

I should have put the whole thing together myself but decided to pay the furniture people to do their job. Imagine that.

Now the bottom was falling out of the drawer. So I pulled the drawer out and hammered the bottom back in but when I went to slide the drawer back into its slot, the drawer didn’t fit. I shoved. I pushed. I hammered. I laid down on the floor and gave up.

Eventually, I had my flashlight like my Grandpoppy taught me, and I was investigating what the problem may be. The railings were bent, not properly attached, screws out of place and now I have the whole thing disassembled at my feet while I search for my screw driver.

God, I was just trying to fix the bottom of the drawer. I didn’t know it would take all of this, but if this is what I have to do to get my furniture back together, alright.

He responded, “Now you get it.”